Simply Healing with Jules

When you are ready to quiet your mind,
calm your body and
reclaim your spirit,
come sit with me for a while and enter the space of Simply Healing.
If there were a doorway to this page I would meet you there with a warm embrace.

Hello Love, I Am Jules~

I welcome you to explore how I might serve your ache for ease and your longing for rest.

The journey has been long but you have arrived.

You are here for a reason, right here right now and I am honored to hold this sacred space for you.

In the deepest part of your being you will find silence where all the answers await.

Healing never happens In the rush.

Together we will explore the mystery of you, your life and your purpose compelling you to a deep understanding of all that is and the power for you to create what will be.

You are not alone. Nor have you ever been.

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Jules Alvarado

What is Simply Healing?

Simply Healing is my signature response to the wounds survived in this physical lifetime as your soul’s journey continues to evolve. As a master trauma therapist, energy healer and intuitive guide I gently provide you with a sense of coming home to your truth.

You know it, you long, you ache, you sense that there is something more, something deeper, a connection to the universe, to self and others not yet experienced.

You have known for ages that the human condition and human experience is but a part of the spiritual being you are.

You are ready to be seen; you are ready to be heard, and you are ready to be held in your truth.

Our lives are filled with emotional tunnels; abuse and neglect, the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship, aging, illness, disappointment or an ongoing sense of dissatisfaction with life.

Simply Healing honors these darkest nights of fragility and vulnerability as periods of incubation and positive opportunity to dive into the soul’s deepest lessons where healing begins.

Simply Healing supports the release of old wounds and opens you to become all that you have come to this lifetime to be.

Simply Healing is offered through: