About Jules

Hey You!

Welcome to my space.

I believe that you have arrived at the perfect time and for the perfect reason, as in all of life.

It occurs to me that the closer we get to the realization of our personal legacy, or the purpose of our lives, the more difficult and confusing life may become.

In the pursuit of my truth, I have been constantly subjected to the test of persistence and courage. Many others do not understand.

I want to say to you now, you who are here, and who seek and ache to know more, do not allow your hastiness or impatience to steer you astray.

I can help you find your path, as I have found mine, and help you stay the course with conviction, love, and grace.

The entire universe will help you to succeed.

The Soul of the world will surge within you.

Your tribe will arrive.

Take the leap and allow the truth of you to live.

This is my purpose, my reason and my passion. To help you to discover, become and share with the rest of us, the gift you have come here to give.

Along with my guides and six decades of life experience, I have co-created Simply Healing which offers an antidote to the flawed idea that you are not enough.

As a long time and well-trained trauma therapist; and a trained and intuitively guided energy healer, I am deeply and spiritually connected, direct, honest, and restorative for your soul.

Simply Healing will show you how to release the layers of protection that you have been carrying for so long, in order that you might reclaim your authentic self.

A quiet mind, calm body and tranquil spirit is the outcome of Simply Healing.