Simply Healing Coaching

Jules AlvaradoWhat if who you are is far greater than anyone has ever acknowledged?

When you are willing to function from a deeper place of consciousness you open the doorway to deep healing.

Negative emotions and limiting beliefs from old stories create disharmony and tension in your mindbodyspirit.

Simply Healing Coaching helps you to reduce the impact of stress from the past and return you to a present, healthier state of being.

It is time to be seen. It is time to be heard. Your story matters. You matter.

When you can tell your story and it does not overwhelm you, healing is unfolding.

This is not your traditional coaching; Jules is not a traditional coach.

This is a powerful, moving and healing hour from the very first connection that you share with Jules.

A shared, sacred space is created in each session.

Through her intuitive and gentle support, you will connect with your Emotional Guidance System, EGS, which is always directing you toward your greatest good, toward that which is satisfying and fulfilling.

Your sacred EGS compels you through a simple, clear and transformative process; the responses will lead you in the direction of fulfillment, every time.

Simply Healing Coaching provides you with a deep dive into the crevices of your soul longing to be heard.

Simply Healing Exploration ~ A note from Jules

What matters most to you?

Do you know? What do you allow and what do you block?

What stories of your life compel you to become complicit in preventing that which you say you long for?

Why do you stay? Why do you leave?

Are you fulfilled? Content? Happy?
How are you, really?

From the initial 5 minutes of our time together you will lean into the place of knowing, connected with your very life force of breath, to catch a glimpse of what is still hiding underneath.

Stress in this lifetime is not the problem. 
Your history of trauma and abuse is not the problem. 
Your current reality is not the problem.

How you respond to them is the problem.

Through Simply Healing Coaching you will discover a new set of truths about your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviors and begin to change them, immediately.

You are ready. I will take your hand.

The courage it took for you to land here is big.

The reward for moving forward is bigger.

I am eagerly waiting to meet you and know that I will, at the right time, in the right place and for the right reason.

Big, Bold, Brave Love,

Thank you so much Jules! It was such an honour and balm to my soul and weary mind to spend time in your gracious and wise presence. I treasure our times together as deep, beautiful and powerful experiences and my heart fills with joy to know that these times benefit and enrich both of us!

I have been sinking into the beautiful relief of surrender and allowing and knowing that really there is only one thing I need to do right now and that is to love myself unconditionally. Everything else will fall into place in it’s own time, all I need to do is rest in love and allow.

And something else you gave me, that I don’t know if you are aware or not, but I am profoundly grateful for, is that you allowed me to experience the truth that as I move towards my seat and claim it/sit in it, it is in fact the exact opposite of lonely, in that space there is more belonging and true connection than I have ever known and I felt that with you in our session.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for that huge big love and I send huge big love back to you!

Rosslyn Scott

Mentor, Business Coach, Best Selling Author and Attorney