​The drum was lightly keeping pace with the rhythm of my heart; the barely noticeable scent of Nag Champa was lingering and the sight of 12 women sitting in circle, eyes closed simply breathing deeply catapulted me into a different realm.

One of the most powerful experiences in my healing journey has been to sit in a circle of women with an intention of healing for all. Being held in such a space is sacred. I knew this was different and I wanted more. Jules 2012

A Healing Circle is a group of people who gather together with a clear intention of healing.

No special or prior experience is necessary to participate.

The circle represents life’s continuation – with no beginning and no end. Each healing circle is uniquely created based on the intentions of the group.

Even the preparation that is to be done before a healing circle is offered is healing. Now, as I offer Healing Circles, I smudge the space with white sage, call in blessings from the 4 Directions, and clear the energy of the circle, I am feeling the sacred ceremony begin before anyone else arrives.

Healing Circles allow people to share in healing, benefiting from the collective energy of the group, while supporting each individual to grow and strengthen themselves. Traditionally used in First Nations and Native American ceremonies, they brought people together in the spirit of healing, friendship, and community.

There is sanctity within Healing Circles that offers its members solitude and retreat, while simultaneously respecting the group’s healing process. Focusing on physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, there may be one person who is focused on during a Healing Circle or each member of the group may be asking for healing.

Healing Circles can be a one-time event, offered in times of crisis or when deep repair is needed, or they may be a monthly ritual to allow healing to deepen as they are in my Mystical Moon Gatherings. At each Full and New Moon we gather to honor the gifts of the moon and to bring healing to all who attend.

Benefits of Mystical Moon Gathering Healing Circles

There are many spoken and unspoken benefits of sitting in circle with us at the Full and New Moon. Some participants share their experience with the circle while others remain silent, bearing witness to the healing taking place.

As a trauma expert and therapist, I find healing in circle just as, if not more, effective than most traditional trauma therapy. Trauma is stored in our energy system which impacts the entire physiological body, as well as the mind/spirit.

Healing requires a focus on the entire mind/body/spirit and is offered in our Healing Circles. Some of the benefits that our participants’ report are:

  • Healing the effects of painful childhood experiences
  • Uncovering strengths and gifts
  • Transforming wounds into wisdom
  • Restoring emotional balance and mental harmony
  • Disconnecting from negative emotional states
  • Developing a greater sense of overall well-being
  • Accessing higher levels of consciousness
  • Clearing energetic blocks from the mind/body
  • Transitioning from grief and loss back to peace and joy

When you follow your souls longing to connect with a greater wisdom within, you find yourself sitting in circle with others on the same path.

There is a powerful, palpable shift in energy as we are called into circle by the ring of a bell, guided meditation and breathwork that draws each of us deeply inward bound. A topic of introspection is offered and the sharing begins.

We each speak in turn, from the heart, not a story, but the deepest truth that we can offer with a request that it is simply held. We do not offer advice, attempt to fix or change another.

We bear witness to and offer safety and acceptance of each member of the Circle. In this, healing begins.

If deep down you are longing for something deeper, strong connection to others outside of the human ego, and community, I invite you to join us for Mystical Moon Gathering Healing Circles.

Stepping out of the bounds of traditional healing, calling on ancient wisdom and grounded in science, our Healing Circle is waiting for you.

Big, Bold, Brave Love, jules