Simply Healing Retreats

During these three days, you will have the opportunity to move into your own center, slow down, open your attention gate and, ultimately, return to the world having retained something sacred for yourself.

Welcome to Simply Healing Retreats where you are gently, yet clearly, guided into a space of tranquil, safe, and radical self- inquiry.

If you are tired, burnt out, desperately need a break; if you are feeling overwhelmed at home or at work; if your relationships have become dull and full of tension; if you struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma or attachment challenges as an adult, Simply Healing Retreats are for you.

With a maximum of 12 women or 6 couples Simply Healing Retreats are not the typical ‘barely scratch the surface’ retreats. This is a time of intimate and deep-dive work; individual time with Jules Alvarado, time for reflection, meditation, yoga, and journaling in response to experiential and profoundly transformative exercises that are inward bound.

It is time to stop, to gaze deeply and to use curiosity and wonder as you move from doubt to trust, and fear to love. We will show you the way.

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