Executive Women Leadership

Refueling Retreat

Executive Women’s Leadership Retreat Information:
March 2020, St. Pete, FL

You might be saying:

“Are you kidding me? I don’t have time to breathe, much less spend three days away from my inbox, my family and my phone. I cannot spend the money, nor take time to look deeply into my own soul and figure out who I am as a leader. I don’t have time. I have work to do.”

If you keep telling yourself that, you will always be where you have already been.

Are you good there? Keep going!

If not, consider joining us for an immersion into you.

Our goal is to compel you to cut through our own bullshit. From our initial contact and connection, we create the safety and acceptance for people to stop the nonsense–to look squarely at the truth of who they are and what the objective of their leadership, and life, is.

We support you in clarifying What Matters Most.

And from that list, to understand deeply, what are you allowing, what are you blocking and what stories of your lifetime you may still be carrying that get in the way.

This process unfolds into the unleashing of a great capacity. You will reclaim your superpower that not only unlocks the creative genius within your company but frees you to find the resiliency within all of life.

In order to lead well, you must know yourself well first.

Consider this:

Over these 3 days, a small, intimate group of women leaders will come together to co-create a space for themselves and for each other in which the following will be explored:

Combining the practical skills of leadership with radical self-discovery. When we can share that discovery with safe others, we become the effective and resilient leaders we are born to be.

HOW ARE YOU? no really, how are you as a leader, as a human? What is troubling you? Speak it, we will receive it.

Yoga and Meditation practice daily. THIS matters.

What do you believe about work, leadership and how we live our lives? How are they connected?

What are you not saying at work that needs to be said?

What do you wish your peers knew about you but you have not felt safe enough to say?

If you were acutely aware of messages from childhood that impact how you lead today and could diminish their power over you, what might be different?

In what ways do I deplete myself, run myself into the ground, why?

Where am I running from, to?

Who am I still trying to prove myself to?

Why do I allow myself to be exhausted?

Who do you blame for who you are?

Are you willing to give up being implicit in creating that which you say you don’t want?

At the end of my job, what would I like to feel about myself, what will I have accomplished? What will others say about me when I am complete in my current position?

Those who clearly see the need for change in their organization often become the tension holders for the rest, they are often blamed. Blame feels extremely heavy and isolating. Do you feel weighed down?

We hope that you will consider joining us!

These three days are ripe with opportunity for radical self -inquiry in every moment.

Self-understanding is the path to authenticity.

Authenticity leads to resiliency, and resiliency leads to effective leadership.

This time will be much more about why you are called to lead and what leadership can offer you, than the how. The ‘how’ comes much easier once you are clear about the ‘why’.

And most of all:

We care about you being better leaders, but more importantly, we care about how you feel about yourself.

Better humans make better leaders: period.

When we are still we see the truth. When we continue to run so fast in an insane attempt to get it all done, we lose our true selves. We run and run as if we are afraid that if we slow down we may just meet ourselves and we won’t like what we see.

When we slow down, we risk feeling the overwhelm of all that we carry. So many of us believe that we have to carry the secret so that we can provide for and protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Consciousness allows for awareness, awareness allows for choice, and choice allows for new behaviors.

Simply Healing Executive Women Leadership Retreat is a Transformational 3-day experience and we would be honored to have YOU there.