Thank You

Thank you for your interest in Simply Healing Retreats with Jules

Whether you are interested in our Women’s Retreats or Couples Retreat, you will experience;

Silent Meditation
Deep dives into the mystery of self
Safe refuge for wellness and restoration
Small group containment and support
A getaway from the rush as we move inward bound

And for couples;
A safe, intimate discussion that welcomes the dance of connection, compassion and a reignited sense of desire.

Your contact has been recorded and you will be notified as retreat dates are set and specifics are available.

Should you be interested in coaching with Jules one on one prior to your retreat experience, you can schedule a call.

Until we meet,

May you have the strength of eagle’s wings
The faith and courage to fly to new heights
And the wisdom of the universe to carry you there.

Big Love,

I have been to 4 Simply Healing Retreats and will return annually. Why? Because I leave each one feeling better about me, my life and my family. I work in a field that could easily pull me into toxic patterns so I have to be mindful about self-care. The circle of women I connect with and the environment that Juli provides is absolutely healing and amazing. Thank you, Juli!

Shawna Deidrech, MN