Simply Healing Seminars

Allow Jules to awaken the clarity already within you by attending an in-person, live event.

Whether you are a long term coaching client of Jules, or have not yet decided to take that deep dive, this seminar is the perfect opportunity to experience first hand the power of working with Jules. 

Based on the Simply Healing paradigm that she has been teaching globally, and coaching corporate and private clients in for more than 30 years, these Saturday morning healing seminars are life-changing.

Seminar overview

Each seminar agenda begins with an hour healing talk and ceremony offered by Jules. Guided by Universal Law and Spirit Jules offers a motivational, educational and inspirational opening at each seminar. This is followed by a 15-minute break.

The remaining 2 hours are co-created through your focused thoughts, comments, and questions. Jules invites those in need of healing to join her upfront, in the Love Seat, and to allow their process to serve as a conduit for the audience simultaneously.

There are no questions that are off-limits. And so, as you clarify, or even write down, what you are wanting from this gathering and time with Jules, you will summon forth that valuable knowledge which will be of the most benefit to you and to all of us.

How to reserve a seminar ticket

Click on the workshop of your choice. Once you register and pay a confirmation notice will be sent to you. Please be sure to read our cancellation policy below.

At the door tickets are not available for events that are sold out.

Seminar cost

Cost for each seminar is $99

Cancellation policy

All paid reservations that are cancelled are charged at $49 processing fee.

Jules intentions for each seminar

Jules intends for each and every seminar to reflect the desire for peace and prosperity for each participant.

Whenever a group gathers, there is the possibility of mixed agendas that might create discomfort or distraction from the purpose of this gathering.

We invite guests who are at least 18 years of age or older; no cameras or taping please, and no distribution or solicitation for your unique services.

Although Jules passion is to provide this healing space for each and every one of you, she requests that questions and comments be shared from the love seat and that she be permitted to exit quietly at each break and following the closing of our seminar.

Simply Healing Seminars are offered in 10 cities each year as well as two or three more intimate and sacred healing retreats. They are the ideal way to learn from Jules and her guides and are the basis of all of her teachings.

All of our seminars are recorded and some video-taped. By registering and attending you are acknowledging and agreeing to this practice. No names will ever be used, however, your voice and face may appear in our marketing and on-line presence. Should you want to attend in complete confidence, we will hold a seat for you near the side or back of the room and off-camera.