Simply Healing Women’s Circle

For centuries women have gathered in circles to share, connect, learn and awaken.

Red tents, moon lodges, and wild spaces have called to women longing to connect with their divine feminine power through the ages.

Simply Healing Circles are a worldwide sisterhood that connects women through virtual circles creating a safe space for the honoring of our truest selves.

Simply Healing Women’s Circles are a highly and deeply supportive environment where women come to speak their truth, to be heard, and to be held in the vulnerable layers of truth long pushed aside, hidden from others, and yet longing to be seen.

There is no judgment.

There is no advice.

There is no sentiment of a broken being.

Only a space of acceptance, ease, holding, and sisterhood love like no other.

What happens in a circle

Simply Healing Women’s Circles with Jules offer a space of safety, quiet, reflective contemplation, and open heart curiosity about all that is and all that might be.

Each gathering is opened with a guided meditation encouraging the circle to settle in and to connect in a deeper dimension. There is a Soul’s Journey card drawn by a member of the gathering and a theme related to our own healing journey about which Jules speaks for 10-15 minutes. Following this, each sister is invited to share their wisdom, challenge, experience, need, and truth around this theme. Soothing music and calming rituals like the burning of sage, candles, and incense on a sacred altar support the energy of the circle to initiate a more meaningful connection away from the three-dimensional human condition.

What are the benefits of joining us?

Simply Healing Women’s Circles are a rare opportunity to meet with Jules personally, to experience her calming and healing presence, as well as to participate in an intuitively guided gathering with women from all walks of life. Rather than carrying on as the ‘normal’ that we have been indoctrinated into, we step into a shared space-time reality that invites the enduring power of the feminine divine guidance calling for your attention. Our circles are increasingly appealing to women looking to reconnect with themselves and with others. Sisters are invited to leave their busy minds at the door and sink into the profound relaxation that comes from being understood for ourselves, exactly as we are.

Many of the women who participate in our circles work in service to others as mothers, partners, human service professionals, first responders, attorneys, executive leaders, entrepreneurs, and activists of human rights.

In our own stress and trauma, we may forget that each of us is on our own sacred journey of healing.

Everything is happening just as it should and for reason beyond our human comprehension.

You and I, we are but a gentle influence for others on the path, should they so choose.

Staying on our own path is the work of Simply Healing Circles.

Created from a combination of diverse cultures, traditions, current research in neuroscience, and ancient wisdom that invites the truth of healing Jules offers a monthly retreat for women from around the globe.

Each gathering you will experience guided meditation, energy clearing, trauma-informed and gentle strategies for the healing of our souls amidst the chaos in our world.

We speak to and with each other; and we hold space in a warm container for all that you are holding, yet ready to release.

Each 3rd Wednesday of the month, Jules will hold space for a Simply Healing Circle at 12-1:30 MT virtually by zoom for our sisters from around the world.

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There is no fee for this service. We are all blessed by your presence should you choose to join us. Please invite your sisters to sit with us too.

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I am waiting for you,