of the moWounded Healers

A warm welcome;
I am a wounded healer.
If you have landed on this page, I imagine that you are too.

We cling tightly to the lie that we have the power to convince another toward healing; that if we are just good enough, every client will soar.

In our own trauma we may forget that each of us is on our own sacred journey.

You and I, we are but a gentle influence on the path, should they so choose.

Staying on our own path is the work of the Wounded Healer.

Wounded Healers Circle is offered for all who seek a gentle, sacred, safe and effective way of offering healing space and transformation for ourselves first, and then for those who we are called to serve.

Created from a combination of diverse cultures, traditions, current research in neuroscience and from ancient wisdom that invites the truth of healing for those who heal, Jules offers a bi-weekly retreat for the Soul of the healers.

Each gathering you will experience guided meditation, energy clearing, trauma informed and gentle strategies for the healing of our souls amidst the chaos in our world.
We speak to and with each other; and we hold space in a warm container for all that you are holding yet ready to release.

Each 3rd Wednesday of the month, at Noon MT for an hour you are invited to Simply Heal with Jules and other healers from around the globe.

Fee: $89 USD per person/per gathering 

When you choose the Join Us button below you will be directed to a payment and registration page.

When registration is confirmed you will receive a Zoom link for the following Wednesday gathering.

I am waiting for you,